Standard Membership

Are you interested in learning how FleetaWorld Package Forwarding and Assisted Shopping can revolutionize the way you shop and ship with your favorite US retailers? The Standard Membership is the first step to an exciting new journey.

After the one-time registration fee of $5, you will have access to our competitive standard, and priority shipping rates.  Prices are as low as $3 per package and $6 per package for priority and special requests are only $5 per request.

Multiple Item Consolidation is $5 plus $2 per item. Need to store an item, while waiting for another purchase to arrive? We have you covered! Standard Members receive 10 days of free Item Storage, and if you need more time it's only $2 per pound per day. We send you a complimentary photograph of each package we ship. Additional Photos are $1 for 2 photos.

Need help getting started? Try our Assisted Shopping Service, where our specialists find the best shopping deals for you at the low price of an $11 service fee and 8.5% of the purchase cost. You don’t want to miss out on this exciting membership opportunity, get started and save today!