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Do you have multiple packages coming from numerous retailers? Then consolidation is the perfect service for you. Combine various packages into one to save the maximum on delivery cost.

How do you save? You save by paying for one shipping label instead of several and save on the weight of each package. Each package contains several packaging materials and unnecessary space from being packed from the retailers which can add more weight and cost.

Price: USD 5 plus USD 2 per package

This service is free with the Premium Subscription.


How To Request Consolidation


After an email has been sent to inform you that your package has arrived at our facility, reply to the email that you would like to consolidate. An assisted shopper will notify you via email that your request has been fulfilled.



Special Request


Is your package of high importance? Do you need additional packing material? With the special request, we cater to your every need.


Here are a few frequent special requests: 

    Invoice Removal

 Extra Packing Materials

   Top Priority Packaging

Price: USD 5

What is Top Priority Packaging? This is when you skip the shipment processing queue and receive your package first.


How To Order Special Request


Once an email notification has been sent to notify you that your shipment has arrived, directly reply to the email with your special request. A FleetaWorld expert will send a confirmation email once completed.




Additional Photos


Standard members, FleetaWorld sends one complimentary photo once the package arrives at our facility. 

 Premium members, you receive three complimentary photos and a personalized video. 


Price: $1 per 2 photos


 How To Obtain Additional Photos

  Inform a FleetaWorld assisted shopper by replying to the notification email that you want additional images of your package.



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